What is Lament? - Part 2

Here are some further thoughts on lament - let’s call it an unofficial part 2. Earlier we looked at how lament is a process that involves stopping. Similar to how we might slow down as a loved one is dying or how we might reflect upon a life well lived following a funeral. Just as there are several steps between the death and of a loved one and their wake, lament is not the first step in the process.
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What is Lament?

I’ve found it best to get into a rhythm and routine with laundry. I’m sure if you’re over the age of twenty-three, you’ve found this out too. We also know what happens when there is a disruption in this system. One day the pile of dirty clothes is a manageable collection, consisting of a couple of pairs of undies, a t-shirt and some jeans. Yet somehow just one day later the pile now resembles a life side model of Mt Kilimanjaro.
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